I started making movies when I was 12 years old after I found a camcorder lying around and decided to create fake movie trailers for films I would like to see. Not knowing what I was doing or how I was doing it, I kept at it and quickly had a large catalog of trailers for movies that would never see the light of the projector. After a while, it hit me.

I was a filmmaker.

Not a good filmmaker, but a filmmaker nonetheless. And so, I soaked up all the information I could about the craft and made real films. Films with a story, structure and an ending that wasn't "COMING SOON". My early films were just me and a tripod, acting out multiple characters, but as I learnt more and more about the art of filmmaking, I evolved. I started making films with family and friends, realizing how collaborative of a form film is.

While still an infant in the visual medium, and some would say in life as a 14 year old, I met a group of passionate filmmakers in the local area. I worked on a feature film with them that changed my life. I realized how fun, challenging and rewarding filmmaking can be. I saw costumes being made, makeup being done, great acting being performed, technical feats being achieved and a world and a story being told. What I had only gotten a taste of in the past was now being shoved down my gullet; and I loved it. 

Fast forward 4 years, I was making complex films, working on commercials, taking part in theatre productions, filming music videos and creating documentary content. In a short span of time, and still as a kid, I had learnt so much about filmmaking by learning from experience, researching all over the internet and by... just doing it. No film school was needed. I put my mind to it, dedicated 110% to it and took every opportunity that came my way in the name of just 'doing it'. 

And I am only just getting started.